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You can buy it at http://yesasia.com/


Unfortunately this disk has English subtitles only for the movie while all additional materials (the soundtrack to movie with comments of the director and all second disk) have only in Korean :(

Anyhow the DVD has a lot of files from shootings which we can enjoy even without translation - so it is worthy of notice :)

I can't describe my impressions - they are inexpressible!

You can see photos, I think they will give you more representation than any words... Also I recommend you to visit the Sidus site (the film studio that produced Musa) and download video-files from this DVD. Of course, the files are tiny and their quality is poor too, but nevertheless it is better than nothing :)


... Well, after such an introduction I shall outline what is on this DVD.

There is a lot of touching scenes where actors are in a make-up and with a cigarette or a glass of noodle or in a big bright and fluffy headphones.. %)) There is the Mongolian cavalry near to lorries and buses... The scene where Koreans open a gate of a fortress looks very funny because behind the gate people with cameras wait for Koreans :))

There are rehearsals where actors are in civilian clothes sometimes.. By the way, on rehearsals people sometimes used each other instead horses.

There is a lot of scenes where actors make fun right away after shootings or even during shootings, they play pranks, make faces, fling arrows.... Once the Korean general struck on crown of Princess in order that she did not giggle %))

There is a lot of scenes where actors make slips of the tongue, fall from horses, stumble, strike themselves with a weapon. Ye-sol drops the spear several times.. :))

However, when something similar is shown in tragical scenes it makes an ambivalent impression... But it is interesting to see how "deadmen" stained with blood and pierced with arrows rise :))

There are shootings of birthdays - people are in a costumes and make-up, everyone sings in Korean on the motive of "Happy birthday..". Shootings of some Buddhist ceremony.. There is a nice scene where actors sing a song about kimchi under the management of Jinlip and Ganam .. ;))

There is completely domestic scenes such as a trip by a train (without a make-up:))

There is a big gallery of photos from the movie and a file about work on suits..


They show how actors cut down heads and stick arrows into lay figures as well as other cunnings: make-up artists smear on Ye-sol with something white (like a soapsuds ;)) in order to thrust a spear in him and to make bloody wound.. They "smear with blood" (or on the contrary - wash:)) actors...


It is very interesting to look at the known scenes from other perspective.. So I just now paid attention to the fact in the scene in a forest (when Mongols shoot half of the group) two Korean warriors shielded the General. And that the General tried to help a warrior in movie - we cannot see it... Also it is interesting to look at the crowd of the townspeople-Chineses to whom we catch a glimpse in a movie.

There is a section with music...

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