“Musa” “The Warrior”,
“Wǔ shì”(Chinese).


The Movie

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The history


Woo-sung Jung, the freed slave Yeo-sol 정우성

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The forum

The forum

Jin-mo Ju, the general of the Korean Troop Choi Jung 주진모

The site

The site

The site

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The forum

Sung-kee Ahn 안성기

Jin-lib, the bowman

Zhāng Ziĭyí, the princess Bu-yong

About her
Jin mo Ju about Zhang Ziyi
Jin mo Ju about Zhang Ziyi

Rongguang Yu

Rambulhua, the general of Mongols

Jeong-hak Park

Ga-nam, the "uncle" of Korean general

Hye-jin Yu (Du-chung, the "one-eyed")

Filmography: "The Spy", "Attack the Gas Station", and "Kick the Moon", "Public Enemy".

Yeong-mok Han

Dan-saeng, the "boy"

Park Yong-Woo

Interpreter Jumyung

Seok-yong Jeong (Scout Ha-il)

Theatrical productions "The Moral Thief", "Good Guys", "How to Enjoy a Full Course Meal"


Lee Doo-Il (the monk Jisan)

SBS drama "KAIST", movies "Beat", "The Uprising", and the play "Buddha".

Participants list

The editor: Sung-su Kim

“ I was inspired by Sam Peckinpah and Akira Kurosawa making this film. And I wanted to envision my distant ancestors, who must have had to overcome all kinds of adversity on the Chinese continent, in the sandy winds of the barren plains.”

“This movie is a drama that deals with the relationship between human beings. There are the motifs of martial arts and historical events, but the movie is more about the conflict and reconciliation between people with different thoughts and positions, and among people of different ethnic backgrounds. History is not the possession of a few royals who hold the hegemony or a handful of aristocrats. I am only interested in those living their lives at the bottom of society while facing adversity and trying to protect their lives that are treated as insignificant in the history of a dynasty. They were neither outstanding nor worthy of attention… But as I understand it, history has always been pushed ahead by those kind of people. And that is why I chose to focus the spotlight on the extraordinary journey of ordinary people in the last days of the Koryo Dynasty”

1961 Born in Seoul, 1985 Graduated from Sejong University majoring in English Language & Literature, 1990 Graduated from Dongkuk Graduate School majoring in Film Arts, 1991 Assistant director for <Black Republic> and <Berlin Report> (directed by PARK Kwang-Su), Screenplay for <The Blue in You> and <Twilight into the Neon Lights> (directed by LEE Hyun- Seung), Screenplay for <Out to the World> directed by YEO Kyun-Dong

Filmography: 2001 Musa, 1998 City of the rising sun, 1997 Beat, 1995 Run away, 1995 Prostitute 6, 1994 Prostitute 5, 1994 Bi, Yeoja geuligo eroticism, 1994 Prostitute 4, 1993 Mrs. Emma 9, 1991 River of temptation, 1989 Misty city, 1987 passionate woman of Nanus, 1987 Lady of the wind, 1986 Ladies, do not fear the night 2, 1985 Man of colors, 1984 Tantras fire, 1984 Why she shot him, 1983 Ladies, do not fear the night , 1982 The woman and the rain, 1981 A colorful woman, 1980 Return to the port of Busan 2, 1978 Please bless us, 1978 Return to the port of Busan

Martial Arts Director Jung Doo Hong 정두홍

Our page about Jung Doo Hong


Produced: Min-Hwan Cho, Shang Xia

Music: Shiro Sagisu

Operator: Hyung-ku Kim

Montage: Hyun Kim

Executive Produced: Dong-Joon Suk, Sung-Keun Ha, Seung-Jai Tcha, Jae-Won Choi, Jung-Young Kim

Production Management Won-Sook Kang, Yong-Wook Jung, Hee-Woo Lee, Chan-Suk Choi,

Production/Planning Seung-Jai Tcha

Gaffer Kang-San Lee

Editing Hyun Kim

Art Director Huoting Xiao


Spontaneous Recording Byung-Ha Lee, Ji-Su Lee, C.G E.O.N

Special Effects Do-Ahn Jung, Tae-Eui Kim

Make-up/Hair Kyung-Ja Lee

Special Make-up Jae-Ho Sin

Costumes WHANG Buoying

Props LI Mingxan

Post-Production Supervisor Yang-Il Kim

Assistant Director Dong-Oh Cho

Production Supervisor Sung-Jin Kim, Jung-Hwa Choi

Stills noon

Posters Jae-Yong Lee

Advertisement Design Adlib

Home Page Production Gillu

Marketing Hyun-Soon Lee, Yoon-Hee Bae, Bo-Kyung Chang

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Produced by Sidus

Co-produced by China Film

Beijing Film Studio

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