The Princess


For some reason most of the people with whom I spoke about the movie have the same opinion about the Princess as the general of Mongols, who had cast a spear at her. Why the example of Rambulhua does not stop anybody? Furthermore, I see, people take offence at Princess mainly for Yo-sol and Korean general. But those prefered to die many times in order to save her life. And I don't understand how is it possible that you dislike a personage loved by heroes who do love her.


But I shall try to speak more to the point.


People speak that the role of Princess is absolutely insipid and that Princess is a capricious egoist.


I think that in the movie the Princess is very plausible: she behaves exactly as a girl of that time, a girl who's grown in a palace and who hasn't got real experience of such a trip (and general Choi as well, by the way). She wasn't perky; her upbringing didn't allow it (by the way, if she behave more quiet that would be better for all ;))). But as a princess, she must feel that she should do something, but she has no experience or adviser. This accounts for most of her foolish acts, when she secretly dispatched a peasant with a message. Besides, she could not fully trust Koreans at that very moment.


Now as concerns egotism. I see that Princess is one of a few people in the movie who tries to care for others. Look: Princess sincerely cares for people - while she has special relationships with Ye-sol from the very beginning, she relieves the peasants just for her kindness, although she understands that with peasants they will be easier revealed by Mongols... When she agrees to place the Mongolian woman in the cart instead of herself we see how hard is this decision for her and how she is thankful to Ye-sol when he decides to guard the cart! When Princess sees that the stronghold is deserted, she liberates Korean of their promise and she speaks that they need to bring her back to Mongols. I see here self-sacrifice, instead of egoism. When she quits the stronghold and it ends up in unequal fighting of Yo-sol, the general and Ga-nam with Mongols we should remember that before her departure almost all people had told her that she left. And she believes that Yo-sol wants the same.


Even when Princess demands of sedan-chair, it isn't ordinary egotism. Mind that Princess never complainsof a cold, hunger, weariness not once. What is it?


A sedan-chair befits a princess. In our time it isn't easy to understand. But we shall try. Even in Europe in old times people regarded to some honors as to that belong by Truth. It don't belong to concrete man, it belongs to his title. And people interpreted infringement of such habit as infringement of the Truth. Especially it was in Asia where people regarded to customs very specificly.


"...It should be remembered that Confutianstvo pays special tribute to ritual. The ritual had magic significance to some extent. People thoroughly abode by rituals and thus the order was kept not only in a society but in Universe. Especially it held true in rituals dealing with sacred persons of dynasty. In such a ritual the error was inadmissible, because it could result to violation of the Universe order, to hard upheavals on a cosmic scale" (A.N.Lankov "The political fight in Korea XVI – XVIII")


Yes, it looks like almost all deeds of Princess can be described with a Russian saying: "she wanted how to do better, but the result was as usual (bad ;))". But the situation is developing so that we can say that about almost all heroes, from peasant women who rush in fight to Mongols general and even Yo-sol. But second, though Princess is proud and unskillful, but who of us can behave more clever, more bravely, more generous if we were her?..

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