I think it is the most intricate, most enigmatic character in the movie. In order to show how differently people interpret his behaviour I cite my dialogue at one forum:


Apex: The spearman isn't arrogant man.

I: I think he is arrogant man like others and it is very good... This movie haven't characters with a ideal temper (maybe except the bowman and the old man)... Recently I found a good review (in Russian), it calls the spearman: "NotSlave". I think that it is a very correct observation: if Choi is not a mere warrior, but a General (recognized or not recognized), then Ye-Sol is also rather a "NotSlave" than a super-warrior...


Apex: ...When a business went bad - he even suggests that they cut off the head of a girl...


Well, here I don't agree again: Ye-sol showed his attitude to the Princess more than once: he isn't afraid of looking harsh with her (or is he afraid of looking obedient?), but he takes care of her, not about himself or the troop... In that scene the point is to betray the princess to the enemies. Ye-Sol makes the issue clearer: "shall we simply kill her?", how he makes it clear for everybody afterwards, when he lets the princess walk away from the fortress....


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